Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and the new normal, and I wanted to bring you up to speed with our practices. For the most part, things have not changed. We clean a little more frequently, but our cleaning procedures have always gone above and beyond the normal.

I was told by my instructor years ago a story about MRSA in her gym where her massage practice was. The story made me a huge believer in cleanliness is next to Godliness. At the same time, she was working when the gym manager came to her and explained that multiple people in the gym had come down with MRSA. He informed her that she needed to be extra diligent with cleaning procedures. The best part is that she did not have one client contract MRSA! I feel as though that is a credit to her for going above and beyond. And I have chosen to incorporate it into my practice from day one.


Traditional cleaning includes our room is cleaned after every client with Citrus II. This is a medical-grade cleaner, along with fresh sheets after every client. We have started to disinfect our office/waiting area and restrooms 2-3 times a day, depending on traffic. So in all reality, our cleaning has not changed. The last thing anyone wants is a contagious disease, especially with one as predominate as COVID-19 right now.

UV sterilization

New procedures:

We have integrated new procedures, including limiting how much time we spend with clients after sessions. Check out time has been sped up because the time is needed for extra cleaning for your safety and ours. We have recently begun UV sterilization of our room at the end of each day as an extra precaution. Closing seems to be the best time mainly because the smell can be overwhelming. Please realize we will do everything in our power to keep you and staff safe through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Please realize that none of these procedures is one hundred percent effect; all we can do is try. Will COVID-19 cleaning procedures be routine for a while? That is a great question, and we don’t have an answer. But what we have learned is cleaning processes can always be better!

  • If you aren’t feeling well, stay home.
  • Do yourself a favor and practice social distancing.
  • Be proactive and wash your hands regularly and wear a mask when appropriate.
  • If you feel unsafe leaving your home, stay home, it’s ok!

We will all get through this. If you indeed are uncomfortable about all of this, then talk to someone. It is ok not to be ok, but please seek help, whether a family member, friend, or professional. Most importantly, if you need to stay home, then do so until you feel safe!

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