It has been a little while since our time for a change update, welcome to the middle of February, everyone!

So last August I decided to go all gun-ho and start training on my own and as you guessed it from missed a few months of updates, I injured myself. One of the silliest mistakes a therapist could have made not warming up! If you’re interested in the full story check out this blog.

I am pleased to say that as of February, I am back in the gym. Again with my trainer and I feel great and my stress level is back down. My weight did creep up by 10 lbs (244), but within two weeks of being back, I am happy to report that I am down 5 pounds (239).

All I can honestly say to those looking to better themselves is to set a reasonable goal. Find an accountability partner or group; this will help you reach your goals even faster! My goals for the remainder of the month are to still try to eat before 6 pm, burn at least 700 calories each day with days off, of course. I do have a little competition goal with a guy in my gym to lose 30 pounds by May 5th. Finally, to make sure I continue to watch what I eat and how much.

So that is my February time for a change update! I appreciate all the support and am looking forward to being even healthier by my next post! Remember to invest in your health by investing in yourself!

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