Let me tell you I’m super stoked about this Time for a change update!! I can happily say I hit my 25lb weight loss goal by July 15th! My weight is now 252 lbs. Even better news was my BMI is down 2.6 and my Bodyfat has reduced by 3.4%.

Please note, I know this BMI machine is generic but it is still a good indicator.

So what has been going on? Well, I can tell you Adam has been putting me through the wringer and his non-stop motivation has helped tremendously. I workout 4 days a week at the bare minimum along with walking the lake (around 3 miles) at least twice a week. I feel fantastic and no longer feel wiped out as I did in the beginning.

Along with these improvements, I continue to eat clean and try to finish all of my carbs by 6 pm. I have found that on Sundays I like to have a liquid diet mostly protein or smoothie shakes. I do this as just a day to rest the gut and can tell you I stay full even though I don’t actually eat.

Lake Hollingsworth

Another integral part of my new lifestyle is that I walk at least 3-4 miles each day even on the days I don’t go to the gym. I use this as my buffer and time to clear my mind which I believe is key when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

One of the greatest non-scale victories is my clothing. It is all looser and I’m getting compliments on the weight loss. I can tell you nothing is more motivating than someone saying “hey you look great did you lose weight?”

The gym is now my friend again, I look forward to getting up and working out. I look forward to sweating through that shirt which is a great indicator that your kicking arse!

So what are the goals for the coming month (August)??

  • Loose another 7 lbs (245 lb goal)
  • Improve my endurance
  • Run/jog for at least 3 minutes
  • Improve my time around the lake to 40 minutes (10min reduction)
  • Be able to workout without stopping during set

I am looking forward to the month ahead and the improvements to my overall health. One thing I will not do is put myself down for not hitting these goals I will simply strive to continue the journey.

Once again I help this motivate any and everyone to improve their health. To better themselves physically and mentally. If you’ve missed any of my previous updates click the link Time for a Change and I will update again next month!!

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