Well, I can happily say in month one I am down, 17 lbs!! The time for a change has arrived. I eat better, I am in the gym 4 days a week consistently and I walk close to 70,000 steps a week!!

So what has really changed?

Well, besides the weight my clothes fill looser. My confidence is up and I have more energy for the most part. There are times when I slow down and with this Florida heat (humidity 100% most summer days) I know I haven’t hydrated well enough.

I have also joined a couple of weight loss forums on Facebook. Logging in once or twice a day, I find myself encouraged knowing others struggle as well. The best part is I can kindly encourage or share my tips! If you know me I love to help and I believe by helping others I am keeping myself accountable.

I have also been asking my trainer Adam Hamid (if you are in Lakeland, check him out!) lots of questions which is how you/I will succeed. Watching Youtuber AthleanX is also a big part of my weekly routine. I love using weights and learning new routines to better myself and that’s exactly what he does.

If he doesn’t work for you then I encourage you to find someone who does. Learning is important and another way to ensure that you succeed!!

I’ll check in again next month and hopefully will have hit my 25 lb weight loss goal by July 14th and if not that’s ok!! I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from one of my online mentors and I hope it encourages you! See you next month!! Did you miss my first post check it out here.

“The only thing we can control is the amount of EFFORT we put into everything!! ~ C.T. Fletcher

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