I’ve been contemplating blogging about this for some time, yet I believe this might just help someone. I am a huge believer of investing in your health and for me personally, it has been about my physical health.

Adrenaline Bodyworks

I have had a hard time with my weight since I was a child, up and down on the scale. Recently I told myself, enough is enough. I sat down with my wife and told her about this trainer that was super motivating, full of energy. This would be a huge commitment not only time-wise but also financially. My wife has always been supportive, she knows me better than most and knows when it comes to my health I’ve dropped the ball too many times.

She as always said yes to the commitment and to her surprise I called Adam up and signed up the next day!! At this time I’ve only been to the gym a few days and even though I’m sore, I am more pumped than ever!!

The first picture is me about 8 years ago (200lbs/happy) and the second is less than a year ago (275lbs/unhealthy). These are reminders for myself and will soon be a new reality.

So what changed? I changed, even though it’s only been a short time, my mindset is that I have to change! Personally, I have always enjoyed the gym and from past relationships, I gave it up. I gave up on my health, my well-being, I forgot to invest in my health.

As a therapist, I explain to my clientele that they have to invest in their health. Why wasn’t I practicing what I preached? The time has come to end the cycle to take my own advice, it is time for a change.

I will periodically update this my blog because I believe that this will be a great way for me to hold myself accountable. Maybe to inspire someone else to invest in their health.

If after reading this you have questions, or if you are looking for support please leave a comment below. Let’s help one another make a change and invest in one another.

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