If you a person under a lot of stress whether physically or mentally with your job, you may need to look into alternative therapies.

Let’s face it, who wants to take pills for every ailment? I know I don’t and most times with pills the side effects are worse or more annoying than the original symptoms. So what do you do??

We have all heard of alternative therapies or holistic care but do we really know which one is best for us? With so many alternative therapies, I wanted to walk you through some of the basics. I will also leave links for more information if any of these therapies interest you.

My favorite would be Massage therapy!! Massage may be the most common for people and with alternative methods, there is a massage modality just for everyone!

  • Swedish massage which is basically a relaxation massage, relaxing your muscles and relieving stress.
  • Deep tissue massage is a little more intense of a massage usually preferred by the athlete or experience massage client. This technique is often used for stubborn issues related to stress, muscle soreness or injury recovery.
  • Therapeutic massage is my favorite since this usually focuses on problem areas whether from the job or the amateur athlete.
  • Another common massage therapy is Thai massage sometimes called assisted yoga (Coyle Chiropractic).

Massage sessions can be by the minute or on an hourly basis. One hour massage sessions are typical. Two hour sessions are less common and are usually the maximum for a single session.

A newer alternative therapy to the Lakeland area is Cryotherapy. Offered by Lakeland Cryo and Recovery cryotherapy use cold temperatures to promote natural wellness. Maximum time-frame for sessions is typically 3 minutes and if any issues occur before you can certainly end your session early.

If your not a fan of the cold try a sauna once, twice or more a week. A saunas main purpose is to relax the body with dry heat. It is a great way to detox as well. Please use common sense and hydrate appropriately before entering a sauna as you may become dehydrated during use. Overall time-frame for sauna use is 15-20 maximum and if you are new to it try a couple of 5-10 sessions to start.


Another therapy that has been around for years is acupuncture. This can be used for all types of pain, headaches/migraines, digestive issues along with stress relief. A typical session last about an hour.

There are many alternative therapies to look into so don’t be afraid to look into whatever works for you! Ask your friends, co-workers or call/email your options. Don’t let medicine control your life, alternative therapies are a great option and with so many to choose from you maybe pain or stress-free without medications.

Please remember these are alternatives, ask your doctor before changing or discontinuing medications. You may be surprised into how open your doctor is!

I’m interested in your favorite alternative therapies. Let me know by commenting below and don’t forget to check out my other blogs. Remember if your looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!

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