Let’s face it we’ve all had a bad day or bad time in our lives but is there a way to help this from happening so frequently?? Anger management can be solved… As a therapist, I truly believe that there are multiple levels of anger management and I believe that regular massage can help!!

I know from personal experience how damaging anger can be to relationships, whether in the workplace or worse yet your home life. So where does it come from?

In all reality anger comes from stress, running late to work, a fight with your significant other or simply a bad experience. There are times where anger is justified, yet there are no times when anger should be lashed upon those you love and/or care about.

So how does one deal with it? Stress relief is the key to anger management. Maybe a walk to cool down, simply taking some deep breathes to sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs. Sometimes anger management is simply addressing the stressful situation and finding ways to avoid such occasions.

I have found after going to massage school that massage is a great way to destress on a monthly, even bi-monthly basis.

What can massage do for you?

Is massage going to cure you of your anger management issues, probably not, can it help? Absolutely!! You are in control, of how you react to all things!! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an advantage to your anger management issues??

If you are interested in learning more about how massage can help with anger management or help prevent such issues give me a call and let’s discuss your options!!

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