In the US, the popularity of massage and stretching has dramatically risen as individuals are living a longer and more active lifestyle and are turning to these to complement their active lifestyle.  So what are the benefits of sports massage and stretching?

For the athlete, Sports Massage and Stretching has become part of their normal routine. Recovery time is quicker with Deep Tissue massage techniques and helps to alleviate Muscle Spasms and Trigger Points by promoting blood to the affected area to remove waste products such as lactic acid and reduce inflammation.

Massage also helps for muscle recovery after a strenuous workout and will help the athlete recover faster between training sessions and competition.

Sports massage with stretching will decrease the risk of injury and will help an injured athlete recover faster. Sports injuries are typically related to the following factors:

  • Improper Warm Up
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Overtraining
  • Unsuitable Equipment
  • Improper Rest and Diet

A stretching routine of 5 -10 minutes before a workout will increase muscle flexibility and decrease the risk of muscle tears. Muscles that are flexible will stretch easily and are injured less.

Working out too long or too hard – remember the phrase “no pain no gain”, is not the proper way to push oneself.  Overtraining can at the least, produce muscle soreness and fatigue, making the next several workouts less efficient.  Overtraining can also lead to muscle injury which can take significant time to properly heal.

Improper or worn out equipment can lead to all kinds of issues.  Worn out running shoes, poorly sized/positioned bicycle seat and handlebars; are just some examples of how equipment can lead to injury.  This can cause shin splints, back pain; and impede performance thru fatigue and lack of endurance.

Finally, rest and diet.  Proper hydration, the right meals, and sufficient rest all important factors in allowing an athlete to properly train and compete at your maximum potential.

Being conscious of these factors along with a regular Sports Massage or Stretching Routine will allow a person to enjoy their favorite sports and activities with minimizing the risk of soreness and injury.

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