I would like to discuss different types of massage therapists. What kind of therapist will you choose and the benefits and cons of doing so?

Massage Schools:

Massage schools offer discounted rates for massage, and the biggest reason is most are new students learning the trade. The benefits of these therapists are the price is very reasonable, and if they are close to graduation, then you will probably have a decent massage.

Some of the cons of massages schools are they are semi-private, meaning the only barrier between you and the next person may be a shade or current. A licensed therapist has to be on hand at all times while a massage school sessions are happening. Another disadvantage of massage schools is limited to availability. Most schools have limited hours per day, and only so many slots per therapist. You can, however, receive an excellent massage for a very reasonable price, go in with an open mind, and all should be fine.

Massage Chains:

Other than massage, chains can offer many additional services.

As a rule, massage chains are usually a pretty good place to receive a quality massage. The pros of going to a massage chain are they typically have walk-in availability, meaning they have multiple therapists on hand. They usually offer various services, such as facials and other spa treatments. Pricing is generally reasonable as most places will advertise specials for first-time clientele.

Some of the cons may be with other services, such as unpleasant smells or noisy environments. Some places have massage rooms next to other high traffic areas which might not be very relaxing. Massage chains also usually hire new therapists. That being said, make sure you discuss what your needs are and advise them if you need more or less pressure. Remember, communication is vital in all massage therapy, and you have a say in your massage needs.

Chiropractic Massage:

Chiropractic care can go along perfectly with massage therapy.

Chiropractors hire massage therapists to enhance chiropractic experience. Many chiropractors believe that a massage before an adjustment can relax the muscles for an even better adjustment experience, and this therapist agrees.

Some pros of going to a massage therapist at a chiropractic location are the pricing is usually reasonable and sometimes discounted if you get a massage and adjustment in the same session. Most practices have multiple therapists on hand, and depending on the office, you could be seen the same day.

The cons of chiropractic massage is a possible noisy environment or newer therapists. Scheduling may be an issue if it is a very established practice. A new graduate therapist also could pose some problems, communicate, and they should adjust the massage to your liking.

Private Practices:

Private practice is usually my favorite massage therapy. The advantage of these practices is that the therapist is relatively confident to be on their own. Typically private practices are run by therapists that have been licensed for around three years or longer. They have experience and offer multiple massage modalities, such a relaxation, deep-tissue, or other options.

Some cons of private therapists are they may have limited availability during the day or week, depending on how many clientele they have. One way to get around scheduling is to call a week in advance. They may or may not be sharing a space with other therapists, so the environment could be noisy, most fix this with music of some kind. As with all locations, there are good and not so good therapists again, communication is critical and advise the therapist if any changes need to be made.

Massage Parlors:

The massage parlor, these are mostly found on the side of the road in strip malls, sometimes upscale and sometimes not. These are usually walk-in available and, at times, can come with language barrier issues. They may be semi-private as well, so it might be a good idea to see if they have private rooms.

One great way to see if this is an authentic massage establishment (meaning licensed by the state with state-licensed therapists) is to look around. State licenses should be displayed along with all Licensed therapists working in the building. If you do not see licenses and they act like they do not know what you are talking about, then they are not a real massage establishment. These locations could be dangerous as sex trafficking is highly likely. Beware and cautious with these and all so-called massage establishments.

Discount Therapists:

We have all probably tried them, including me, at times, but let’s look at why they may not be the best choice for care. Groupon, online ads all promote hugely discounted massage rates. Did you know that if the coupon is for 50% off and the price is $35, then the therapist usually only gets half! So what, I’m getting a massage for less than $20! Well, why that might sound good are you going to be getting the message you wanted?

Most therapists that use these discount promotions are newer and trying to build a clientele list. That being said, your massage may be ok, but it may be lousy. The worst part of it all is if it is a horrible massage, then you have just wasted your time and your money.

So, am I saying are all discount therapists bad, absolutely not what I am saying is buyer beware. Call the therapist, ask how long they’ve been practicing, will it indeed be an hour session, and where are they located. Be safe, look for a Valid license, and you should receive a questionnaire when you enter; if not, you should ask or leave.

In Conclusion:

As you can see, there are my different types of therapist and practices out there; you need to choose what is right for you! There are pros and cons to all the different locales; be cautious and call before going to any new therapist. Talk to your friends or associates and see who they go to and ask them why? Massage therapy should be a relaxing, therapeutic experience, and if it isn’t, find someone else. Remember, it’s your body, and you have all kinds of choices when it comes to therapy.

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