It can be a concern but does it really need to be?  Over the years I’ve had many clients that choose to completely undress but what are the benefits of a massage?

Well in short if you choose to disrobe completely, it allows the therapist to get to all the areas of the body.  By draping or covering you with a sheet nothing is exposed other than what is being worked on at the time (boundaries are necessary).  Most therapist including myself will discuss where we believe we will need to massage in order to decrease the pain or flexibility and this can include the glutes and upper back.  By disrobing completely it helps the therapist be able to get all of the trouble spots uninhibited by clothing.  Now, of course, there are ways around this, going underneath the clothing whether shorts or bras we can access these areas but it may limit how deep and/or full muscle strokes are available.

Are there alternatives to getting completely undressed?  Of course, massage can be done completely dressed and this is certainly an option but as a professional, I believe by disrobing not necessarily completely a massage is so much more rewarding.  Most massage sessions incorporate some stretching that can be done completely clothed but depending on the clothing full range of motion may not be attained.  Imagine playing basketball in heels or golf shoes, of course, it can be done but wouldn’t you want to play with your complete potential?  Well, shouldn’t massage be the same?

As a therapist, I encourage everyone to get undressed to their comfort level and at times I have them adjust some of their clothing while explaining the benefits of doing so.  I am happy to report to most clients over time minimal attire is left on because they trust me and know that they are in a safe and professional environment.  So I encourage you all to consider and weigh the benefits and if you have any question please feel free to call me and remember to invest in your health.

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