Reviews, we have all probably read some but do they really matter? Maybe so, maybe not I am simply going to share why I think they matter.

Whether for services or products in my humble opinion if you didn’t care about quality you would probably pick out the cheapest item for the most part. That being said most times the cheapest product doesn’t usually last or hold up like a mid-range or high-end product should. I say should because as we all know high end doesn’t always mean quality.

So you’ve found yourself needing a therapist the number one thing that usually pops up is the rating!! I don’t know about you but I usually steer clear of 1 or 2-star companies. Now I have gone with 4 stars over 5-star companies simply from years in business and how many rating they have gotten. I don’t believe most money conscience consumers would buy from a 1 review 5-star company over a 300 review 4-star company but everyone is different.

My simple advise is to look through reviews and see how the owner handled it. This tells me a lot. Did the owner or company think enough of the consumer to at least answer? Now we all know that it is how they answer that matters. If they are negative or abusive those are the companies I would personally steer clear of. If the company can’t even respond then how is their communication going to be? This is usually a red flag for me, we’re all busy but your consumer matters.

That being said reviews need to be truthful and about the services. They do not need to be second hand or about the product that “Mr. Big Box” sells along with every other large or small retailer. I have no problem with a low review if someone was upset and gave me the opportunity to fix and I did nothing to correct it. I do have a problem however of a person rating me poorly based on second hand or a personal matter.

As a consumer, your view matters whether for services such as massage or the new device you purchased. Be clear with issues, don’t just be negative and review only bad situations. Review as many good as you do bad and remember, if it was truly a bad product or service give the company a chance to make it right.

I personally love reviews and I will take the good with the bad. Reviews allow me to grow and better myself. Communication is key and I truly believe that reviews are a great source of information for future consumers.

Let me know what you think about reviews. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs and if your looking for a massage¬†call me¬†and lets set something up!

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