So we have all potentially had a bad massage experience.  Whether by not liking the massage or just the therapist’s technique but have you ever thought about firing your therapist??

So I will start by saying that this is a story told to me by one of my most valued clients and when I heard the story I was shocked but if I were to experience this I would certainly fire the therapist as well.

A client walks into the room and begins to get undressed and slip into that relaxation mode when as soon as she shuts her eyes she knows something is not right.  Now like most massage rooms, it was only lit for minimal light (salt rocks, low lighting) so she didn’t realize that the table was dirty… Dirty?

How can a table be dirty you say, well let’s just say the table was damp (not from cleaner).  As the therapist walked in she immediately addressed the issue with the therapist and without hesitation.  The therapist admitted to only pulling off the cover sheet and the next fitted sheet after her previous client.  Now let’s think about this for just a minute.  This massage establishment puts on multiple fitted sheets and in-between clients to save time simply removes the next one?

I don’t know about you but that’s just gross.  The client then asked the therapist to leave so that she could get dressed and proceeded to leave.  Even worse the owner/manager asked her why she was not paying?  I don’t know about you but its a no-brainer.

The establishment was in violation of health code standards and if the therapist goes along with it then they need reeducate themselves on their state statutes.  Needless to say, the client left (did not pay) and never returned. She did contact the board and the establishment is under investigation.

So why did I tell you this story, well it’s simple all massage establishments have standards by the health department and as therapists, we should be held to higher standards in my humble opinion.  By lowering our standards you don’t get what you as a client pay for; a clean, comfortable and safe environment to relax.

As far as me and most practices go, we strip all sheets and use a hospital grade cleaner (Citrus II) after every session.  Cleaning is not only the table but anything you may come in contact with after you undress.

My intentions were not to gross you out but I do want you to realize that you as a client have the right to protect yourself from situations like this. You have the right to ask about cleaning solutions, cleaning practices and everything to do with your care.

If you are questioned about these practices then as a therapist/client, I urge you to leave immediately.  I would say please don’t let things like this discourage you to seek massage therapy.  There are many therapists with high standards anxious and willing to have you as a client.

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