As many people know we don’t really invest that much time in ourselves, so how do we combat that? In a simple word, boundaries and it may be simply turning off your phone.

Society today is based on the NOW mentality, I need my coffee now, there’s an app for that, I need the scores now, well you have an app for that.  The majority of Americans have access to a smartphone but are we being hindered by it?  Is what you need to know that important?  It wasn’t that many years ago that you had to wait until you got home for messages on voicemail or simply wait for the phone to ring.  So why are we in a hurry now?


Technology is wonderful but with all things, there must be moderation/boundaries.  Without boundaries, we set ourselves up for failure and we could limit our productive time!  So what does this have to do with massage?  Well, that’s simple, you scheduled a massage so you obviously believe in it’s benefits and are allotting the time for yourself.

At my massage clinic, we have a strict NO phone/device policy, meaning if you come in for a massage your phone must be off or in silent mode.  Is it to punish you?  No, it is a boundary we set for ourselves and our clients, this is your time you’re here to relax be present in the here and now.

So how do we help to maximize your experience?  In our lobby, we have a charging station, so while you get your time so does your device.  This does two things, one is your device is fully charged (usually) after your massage and two your have accepted and set the boundary that your time is important!

As a therapist we want you to experience all that massage has to offer and we believe if we can turn off the world per se then you can concentrate on what’s important and that is you.  Remember to invest in yourself and remember you ARE important and most things can wait.

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