As guys we usually have one but where we put it is a large concern…  What am I referring to?  You may have already guessed it, the wallet!!

One of the main reasons the wallet is such an issue is that most men carry it in their back pocket.  This causes the pelvis to tilt to one side or the other depending on which side it’s in causing issues in the future.  It really doesn’t matter how big the wallet is, in most cases, they all cause this same issue.  No, you may not notice now but in later years you will.

So what’s the answer?  Well, the simplest correction is to remove the wallet from the back pocket to the front or all together.  I know what your thinking, well how much damage can it do??  Well over time your muscles in your posterior become used to the wallet and cause strain on the muscles opposite of them.  Over time your glutes and piriformis become overstressed and lower back issues can arise.

If moving your wallet to your front pocket isn’t an option or isn’t comfortable to you than another simple option is to remove it before you sit down.

Other options include locking it in your desk or moving it to your shirt pocket if available.  I have personally moved to a money clip and it does two things: it removes how much I can carry and allows me to store it more easily even if that means clipping it to my belt.

Save yourself a big headache and or butt-ache in the future by removing this little issue by being proactive and adjusting your routine now.

Let me know how or if these tips helped you and if your looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!

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