So why did I choose to become a massage therapist?  In one word, it’s about passion…

I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years now.  Of all the opportunities I could have chosen, helping people has been my passion.  Now that being said I haven’t always been passionate about being in the healthcare field, yet after meeting my wife it quickly changed.

She was the first person in my life that truly showed support in my future plans.  She showed me what passion truly was.  She is a midwife that has been passionate about midwifery since she was a little girl, her gift is compassion and it shows in her work.

She is one of the few people that truly loves what she does and of course, it comes with days of frustration yet her outlook never changes.  This is a big reason why I chose to follow her lead.

Shortly after being married she told me it was time to go to school and pursue my new career which would soon turn into my passion.  I saw instantaneously that what I do matters and what is even better is when I can see results from my so-called work.  My work soon turned into my passion.

As a therapist, I don’t see going to work as a job I see it as my passion to help others.  Through recovery, prevention or simply a mental break massage can improve most situations and by being proactive as a client, massage truly works.

My simple take away is follow your passion in no matter what you do.  If your not happy in your situation do something about it.  If your not happy with your job find something that makes you happy, when you do you’ll never work another day in your life, just like me!


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