We all have those times where we’re running late but what are the consequences??

So, you’re running late to your massage or any other appointment, what truly happens?  Well, number one, you’re making the individual feel as though they are not that important.  Why this isn’t your intention nevertheless, the damage is done.  The second thing is your losing valuable time, who wants that?

Now you’re probably wondering how am I losing time?  Well with most things people aren’t just waiting for you they have set time apart for others as well.  Your missing time you could have taken to slowly relax into your session because now you feel rushed.  Also, the therapist may have to skip some areas of the body that typically would have been addressed because the session is shortened.  I don’t know about you but a massage is best if the whole body is encompassed.


Now there are times where things can’t be helped but if you are habitually late then don’t just expect your therapist to extend your massage for the missed time.

The therapist along with the next client should be given the courtesy of you being on time and prepared for your massage.  With that being said most therapists are scheduled throughout the day means you’re not being charged less because your time was cut short.  As a client who shows up late not only is your session shortened but your paying more for less.  You’re, in essence, robbing yourself.

What are some key ways to avoid this time management issue?

  • Put it in your calendar
  • Set an alarm, (an hour ahead of time is usually good)
  • Post, that you are taking ME time
  • Schedule on an off day
  • If your going to be late, text or call maybe rescheduling is best for you both

You are important and so is your time.  Make it a point that if you are going to schedule personal time whether a massage or something else that you take the proper steps to ensure your time.  Your body, your therapist and others will appreciate it!

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