Can massage really help your golf game?  The short answer is what can it hurt?  We know that massage is beneficial for muscle recovery and injury prevention but what can massage do for your game.  Well, let’s break down some of these benefits and you can decide if massage might benefit you!!

Massage increases circulation that assists in removing metabolic wastes that can accumulate in muscles due to overuse and the repetitive motion of the golf swing.  Massage can also help reduce adhesions and or muscle spasms that can help prevent injury and improve range of motion.

By increasing your range of motion for the golfer, he or she should see an increase in power and performance and who wouldn’t like to see that?  Golf is not only a physical game but it is more about the mental game and by implementing massage anxiety and stress levels are decreased and mental focus is improved.


PGA Tour veteran Brandt Snedeker is a regular when it comes to massage and stretching.  Brandt, “we’re doing it every week and it’s extremely important. Especially now that I’m getting older, the flexibility and to be able to come in every day to get my body in a position where it can move, it’s a lot tougher than it used to be.  “When you’re 23 years old, it’s not a big deal. Now that I’m 37, it’s become a daily routine for me on the road.” Full article from AZcentral.  (Photo: Richard Morin/azcentral sports)

So if you could improve your range of motion, increase your flexibility, increase your power and have better mental focus then what is holding you back.  You don’t have to be a pro to see all that massage can do for you and even if you were to only gain mental focus on the golf course wouldn’t it be worth it?

Most of us will never be pro golfers and we will have to rely on other careers but even then, mental focus is certainly a key factor in improving job performance.

If increasing our flexibility for golf or for our everyday life could benefit us, in the long run, imagine the possibilities of fewer injuries or preventing those injuries as we age.  Remember by investing in all that massage can do, you are not only investing in your health but in your future as well.

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