So as many people have heard or believe massage releases toxins.  So cool right?  Wrong, massage does not help to release toxins.

Massage helps to increase circulation which would help rid us of catabolic waste through our urine, why do you think that you have to urinate after a good massage 😉  If you truly looking for a way to release toxins from your body the simple answer is exercise!  That being said exercise that causes sweating.

Fluid excreted by the sweat glands consists of water containing sodium chloride and phosphate, urea, ammonia, sulfates, creatinine, fats and other waste products. Regular sessions of induced perspiration can eliminate some of the environmental toxins stored in body tissue.

Other ways of detoxifying your body would be the use of a sauna or a steam room that promote sweating, this is why it is recommended to drink water after such things and/or exercising.

Please be advised with all things new consult your physician for any concerns you may or may not have in regards to your exercise habits.  So instead of repeating what this great article presents I encourage you to read it below and with all things invest in your health and invest in massage.

Credit to: Sandy Fritz via Massage Magazine

Old Myths Die Hard: The truth about toxins

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