Time and time again I am questioned, “isn’t massage for women??” The simple answer is NO, it’s for everyone!!

So the assumption is that massage is only for women, so they can de-stress and that is simply not the case, are we saying men don’t have stress/issues?  Massage has been around for thousands of years and to begin with, it was used for royalty or the upper-class society men and women.  So where do we get this thought that massage isn’t for men?  Well if your thinking massage is only for relaxation you have it all wrong it is meant for so much more.

Years ago and today massage was and is used for muscle soreness and recovery.  Years ago gladiators and athletes used massage as a way to recover/rehabilitate quicker and still practiced today.  If you look at most sports teams/athletes today they have multiple massage therapists along with alternative methods on their rosters incorporated into their medical teams, so why don’t you?

Massage is not always simply for athletes, many men and women in the performing arts incorporate stretching and massage.  Massage along with stretching can help to improve flexibility overall muscle length helping them to perform all of those amazing acts we all so love to watch.  How about the singer or a musician imagine the benefits massage could offer.  If artists know the benefits of massage and use it improve why can’t everyone?

Now, how about the professional or blue-collar employee, do you think they can benefit?  Stress along with repetitive movements whether sitting for long periods or being on your feet all day can cause all kinds of issues.  Nurses use it men and women, hairdressers, business professionals, and teachers to name a few have all been to my office and all agree that massage has improved their overall health along with reducing stress in their lives.  With all the benefits massage has to offer why wouldn’t everyone try it?

So now that we understand that massage is for everyone what can massage do for you? Everyone can use massage for all kinds of issues whether a hard week, injury rehab or injury prevention by simply improving circulation so why limit who can use it.  Men, women,  young or older can all benefit from a massage from the issues above to so much more.

I encourage you to see what massage can do for you and remember to invest in your health and invest in massage!

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