So I recently went for a massage and adjustment myself and right after my massage, I found that I couldn’t move!  What in the world, I thought a massage was supposed to loosen me up?

After finally getting off of the table and making it to the adjustment room my lower back was still burning, I could barely put on my clothes!  I came in for an adjustment for my hip and that morning I actually felt very good, no issues but that soon changed after my massage.  As my chiropractor entered the room I quickly told him that my back was killing me and before the massage I was fine.  He told me though it is uncommon, it has happened to him and his clients as well.  He stated that sometimes the body relaxes so much that the muscles don’t know how to react and that after a few minutes it should ease up and I should be fine.  Well, we went through all of the motions and as he adjusted my lower back the pain started to cease.  I was able to get up off of the table with little pain but a dull ache.  Now how could this happen?

Thinking back to my morning, I may have caused a little of this myself, I had 2 cups of coffee and was running around before my appointment trying to get things “done”.  Was that some of the issue?  As many of us know the one thing therapists stress the most is water, water, water and what is coffee?  Well, it is bliss but it is also a stimulate with dehydrating effects so this may have been a primary reason for the back spasm, point being, drink more water!

After my appointment and the blessings of my chiropractor along with the sound advice of taking it easy the rest of the day.  I am happy to report by the mid-afternoon my back pain was a very dull ache and as I write this today everything is “back” to normal!

Massage is a great tool for relaxation and recovery but as we have learned it can tell you when your body is just not happy.  My recommendation is to hydrate well at the start of each and every day and if you find yourself in this situation, drink water and take it easy.  Better to relax now or pay for it later!!

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