I recently hurt my lower back and as a therapist that is no good.  I have no idea what I did but I couldn’t stand up straight, sit or lay down with any comfort so what could I do?  After icing, using the heating pad and the ultrasound machine I could handle the pain any longer.  I decided to seek professional help, my chiropractor.

Fortunately for me, the office was able to get me in the same day and within a few minutes, Dr. Munday came in and saw I was in obvious discomfort and proceeded with the adjustment.  As a therapist, I discussed how even when I looked down the pulling in my lower back was still uncomfortable.  His quick response “how is your stretching??”  Instantly, the feeling of guilt came across me.

I do stretch but not as much as I should like most of us but as a therapist, I should set an example.  I left the office and knew that I would be stretching for at least the rest of the week to keep me from locking up again.  Well, after only three weeks including a cruise I noticed my back was acting up again!  So I did a little research about different back stretches to see if there was something I was missing.

After a few minutes, I came across an article about the hip flexors oh how things would change.  I already knew that most people with lower back pain have tight psoas muscles and by stretching the hip flexors I could also stretch both.  Could this be the answer?

Immediately I did a hip flexor lunge stretch for 20 seconds within a few seconds of standing up I felt such a difference.  It wasn’t actually my lower back, it was my hips being tight and my back was the pain point.  Since my flare up I have incorporated the hip flexor stretch and the pain has gone away, it has tightened up and I use this as my reminder to stretch every day!

I guess my main point is that just because pain is felt in one area, it doesn’t mean that area is what needs the help it is most likely the opposite functioning muscle group.  In my case it wasn’t my lower back it was the hip flexors and a weak core.  By sharing my story my hope to help others who may be suffering from the same thing.  Now if you do have an injury something that happens instantly then ice the affected area and if need be seek professional help.  Above all else take care of your body and stretch on a regular basis and remember to “invest in your health!”

Let me know if I can help you with more stretching ideas or if you’re ready to schedule a massage, call me and lets set something up!

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