So now that I have your attention, the question has been asked so many times… Do you have a female massage therapist on site?

For years I would have men and women call to schedule appointments, (it still happens) asking if I have a female therapist working as well.  Now what really makes me laugh is, they have made the appointment and then an hour or so later they call back.  During the call, they proceed to ask the age-old question and then say “oh, ok no problem.”  A week or so goes by and right before their appointment they call/text and cancel.  As a male, I use to get offended but now I can usually feel people out and plan accordingly.

Now, why is it that people do this??  Why is it 9/10 times it’s a guy that has the problem with a male therapist?  I say, men, because most women who call are either not bothered or intentionally called to schedule.  Are men scared of a man touching you, is something else?  I have over 5000 massages under my belt and I can tell you right now, I’ve seen it all so not much surprises me.   You see I’ve been in the healthcare field for over 20 years now and the last thing I want you to be is uncomfortable.

So lets set some things straight.

  • Male and female therapists, do the same thing.
  • I have found many female therapists that can use just as much pressure as any male, so strength isn’t typically an issue.
  • Male therapists are not usually going to offer facial or other esthetician options.
  • Female therapists usually are based out of salons and I personally don’t like walking into or through one.
  • Male therapists usually work on their own or a more clinical setting (of course women can too).

In short, women are not better than men and vice versa both professionals will help you with whatever your personal need is.  As a client, you have to go where you are most comfortable.  I believe in my humble opinion that people go or have gone to female therapists because that is what the industry calls for, a lot like nursing years ago, yet times are changing.  The best massage therapist for you may be male or female but don’t let the sex of a therapist deter you giving massage a chance.

As always if your looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!


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