You woke up with a cough, fever, or you’re just not feeling well but you have an appointment!! What to do, what to do. Hey, it’s okay but let’s take some precautions.

It happens, one way or the other, we All end up sick. Well in short what can you do? NOTHING!! I all fairness to yourself and your therapist, stay home!! Call or text your therapist ASAP and let them know, yes most have windows for cancellations but most would rather not take the chance of getting ill.

So you decide to show up to your appointment feeling under the weather and your therapist doesn’t notice. (Most therapists should ask “how are you feeling, you haven’t been sick in the last 48 hours have you?” Most are not interested in catching anything either.) Two things that are almost guaranteed to happen. One is the possibility of you getting/feeling sicker from the massage has increased and/ or two you are going to get the therapist sick and who wants their therapist out of commission!!


If your therapist does notice which I would say should be most, (unless of course they are distracted) will ask multiple questions: How long have you felt ill? Have you seen a doctor? Are you on antibiotics? How do you feel right now? Now don’t be alarmed but if you aren’t on antibiotics or if it’s been less than 72 hours don’t be surprised if your therapist refuses treatment (just as a client can ask the therapist to stop, therapists have the same option.)

Now, what should you expect? Well, it’s different with all therapists but expects to have your appointment rescheduled and for the therapist to check in the day before to see if there has been an improvement, if you’re still sick then just wait.  Will I be charged? I mean I did show up. Well yes, you showed up and some therapist may charge a missed appointment fee but most should be pretty understanding and simply send you home with no fee (everyone is different).

Please remember therapist usually fill their day with clients and if they would have known ahead of time they could schedule someone in your place (payment may be required but I doubt it in most situations, I am personally not interested in losing a client over illness) so please be courteous and notify them ASAP!

So let’s break it down simply if you’re sick, your SICK, stay home, stay hydrated, most importantly rest and notify your therapist as soon as you can. If it’s the morning of your appointment that’s okay but do your part and call/text them so they have the opportunity to fill your spot.  Remember to invest in your health, whether you are sick or well take the time to take care of yourself, your health matters to not only yourself but those that depend on you!! You are important and your health matters.


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