If you like most of the world sleep is a luxury but did you realize that it is a vital part of your lifestyle??

Oh no, the alarm it’s 7 am and time to start the day but you felt like you just got to bed what can I do?  Sleep is vitally important to the body and when we are tired, most times we are cranky, short or outright unbearable at times.  Not only that but work production is down and in some instances it could cost you more than just your job.  Sleep affects everyone around you, your family, friends and possible clientele if not in check so how do you get more rest?


We all have had that experience of fighting sleep and then hours later not being able to rest so why fight it.  As a therapist, one of my biggest tips is when you’re tired, get some rest whether a nap in the afternoon (even if it’s a quick power nap in the car) or going to bed early.    If nothing more than taking a break and setting your alarm for 10 min later, closing your eyes in a quiet spot can help.

Here are some simple tips to try to help:

  • Do yourself a huge favor and turn off your tv, cell phone, tablet anything with a bright screen (your social media family will be there in the morning).  If its the weekend, turn off that alarm and let your body wake you up.
  • An hour or two before bed stop drinking caffeine (this has the tendency of keeping people up) try a cup of hot water instead.  Next 20-30 min before bed take a nice long shower or soak in the tub (try some Epsom salt), even better light a candle or turn on the hall light so no direct light is on while in the bath.  Now for the next few minutes just let the day melt away and slip into bed.
  • One thing that has worked for me and is worth a try is to close your eyes and to think about a black box and slowly move toward it (most times I’m asleep before I get to it.)  This seems to clear my head of the day or tomorrow allowing for maximum sleep.
  • Another option is how we sleep, by elevating the legs this allows the spine to stay in its natural position and along with that it can promote better sleep.  Side sleeper, no problem but a pillow between your legs and rest your arm on a pillow as well (again keeping your spine in proper alignment).
  • Take some time for yourself, whether a day off completely lounging on the couch, playing golf or some other leisurely activity or maybe going for a massage.  Invest in yourself sometimes, your worth it and your body with thank you for it.


Hopefully, by following these simple tips you will find yourself rejuvenated over time.  Like all things, this will take time but rest assured your sleep will find you again.

Let me know how or if these tips helped you and if your looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!

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