So you’ve heard it time and time again, stretch as much as you can. What does that mean exactly? Maybe you are not an amateur athlete or professional but are you a desk jockey? The good news is stretching for the desk jockey can benefit everyone, and it’s easier than you think.

An athlete, pro, or not usually has a stretching routine in place. This is to prevent injuries and to get tight muscles to relax. So why does the desk jockey need to incorporate stretching? The neck and back muscles become very tight, which causes multiple issues after long hours. That being said, adding simple stretches into the day can help sometimes alleviate even prevent such issues.

Now that being said my first word of advice is to get up every hour, move around! Sitting too long, reduces circulation and muscles need blood flow to function properly. The second piece of advice is to start with simple steps, one of my favorite stretches is the chair/stop light stretch.

Shoulder/Neck stretch

A warmup stretch for the shoulders is to simple clasp your hands behind your back and push down. Now move your head side to side ever so slowly side to side for up to 45 seconds. To add a little more to the stretch, hold each side for up to 30 seconds each. Holding for more extended periods should feel even more of a stretch in the neck and shoulders.

Modified Chair/Stoplight Stretch

Start the stretching session by moving your neck side to side for about 30 seconds very gently to get the blood flow started. Next, grab the chair with one hand, and with the opposite hand, grab the top of your head and pull to the same shoulder. Only pull until you feel a slight stretch (you should feel NO pain) and hold for 45 seconds to a minute and repeat on the opposite side. I personally feel as though the longer the stretch, the better chance the muscle has to relax.

If you can incorporate these two simple stretches into your daily routine, I can almost guarantee you will see results. At the very minimum, you will be proactively improving circulation and the lengthening of the muscle reducing the chance of tension.

Whether you’re a desk jockey or not, these are simple ways to stretch your neck with minimal effort or time. With all-new things, start slow and work your way up. Please remember if, at any point, anything is uncomfortable, immediately stop. Looking for other ways to stretch, check out this link from self.com or check out my other blogs!!

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