In this day and age, it is so important to support your local companies. Below I have listed four of my favorite local holistic companies and why I use them! Supporting local is so important, but it goes deeper than just using their services!

I am a big believer in holistic care, and shortly after getting into massage school, I started looking for a Chiropractor. My wife had been using Munday Chiropractic for some time, so why not give my local chiropractor a chance. I can tell you Dr. Munday did not disappoint. His office is clean and inviting along with his friendly staff. I have had massage therapy there as well, and I have yet to be disappointed. Dr. Munday is personable and seems to love what he does and wants to help you along your healing journey. He is not a pushy chiropractor having you come in multiple times unless you have had a severe or recent injury requiring such treatment. If you’re looking for a chiropractor right here in Lakeland, I would highly recommend Munday Chiropractic.

One of my favorites and maybe I’m partial is my wife’s birth center, Celebrate Birth. This is an all-natural approach at birth, along with education and prenatal only services for mothers to be. The birth center offers many options, such as birth center, home, or hospital delivery. The midwives at Celebrate Birth are here to help you with your childbirth journey with support and compassion and by offering multiple birthing options. Not interested in birthing outside of the hospital, no problem prenatal care only is also available! If your looking for a holistic approach in childbirth, look no further than Celebrate Birth.

Next on my list of favorites is for eye care, and that is nonother than Ciambrone Vision. I’ve known Dr. Ciambrone for years and recently started to see him for my vision needs when my doctor retired. Andrew is one of the most genuine people I have come across in some time. He is honest with you upfront and cares about your eye health. He will recommend what is in your best interest and is not interested in selling you the latest and most expensive options. Dr. Ciambrone truly understands that in this economy, money is essential, and he will help you find the best choice for your eye health needs. If you’re looking for compassion along with knowledge when it comes to your eye health, look no further. I’m glad I found him, and I’m sure you will be just as satisfied.

Finally, I have to mention my massage therapist at Glenda’s Spa Services. I’ve been going to Glenda for over four years now, and I can tell you she is a therapist with multiple talents. I usually see her every 5-6 weeks depending on my availability, and she is worth every penny. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, and therapeutic therapies along with other spa services, including facials, and waxing. Glenda is very knowledgable and provides couples massage as well so that my wife and I can enjoy a little extra time together. If your looking for a great therapist other than yours truly 😉 you simply can’t go wrong with Glenda’s Spa Services.

So there you have it four of my local holistic companies covering most of your health needs. I’m a huge supporter of supporting local to help stimulate our local economy, and I highly suggest you do the same, especially if you are happy with the services rendered. Remember one important thing as well most people complain online, but if you’ve had a great experience taking the time to leave a positive review, trust me, your local businesses will appreciate it!!

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