This blog is going to be about my part-time amateur runner. I have started to walk/jog, and I just wanted to share some tips. If you are a newbie like myself, the last thing you’re interested in doing is getting injured, so let’s be proactive and try to eliminate the chance of it.

Good Shoes:

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It seems simple enough, yet most people won’t think about a good set of shoes. For the new runner, a supportive shoe will determine if this running thing is long term or short-lived. A running shoe is a good option from my point of view simply from its flexibility when your heel and ball of your foot hit the ground. Wearing a shoe that fits properly and comfortable is vital when it comes to reaching your running goals. Let’s face it blisters, and pain from running will not get you back out there, and it may bring your running career to a halt.


As a therapist, you have heard it time and time again from me; you need to stretch! When you do any exercise routine, a gentle warm-up followed by stretch is a great way to get your muscles ready for your routine. Don’t forget when you’re done with your jog/run a great way to relax those muscles is a good stretch as well 😉

Too Much Too Soon:

Starting out is a no brainer, let’s face it your not going to just run a mile the first time out of the gate, so take it slow. When I first began, I started with a gentle warm-up walk for around 5 minutes, and then I would do a light job for about 30-45 seconds and then resume a walk. Eventually, I was able to jog for about 2 minutes and then take a 30-second break, followed by another 2 minutes jog for a mile.

The best part about jogging/running is you are in control; of course, you want to break your last time, but let’s not burn ourselves out the first week or two. As I said before, we want to keep running, so start with a mile after a few weeks if your comfortable move up to a mile and half or two miles. Take your time; your only competition is yourself. Remember, overtraining can lead to injury, and that can not only put a damper on things, but it could end your running! Take it easy and don’t do too much too soon.


The part-time runner.

The conditions are a little bit of a controversy for me. That is why I am merely going to share my opinion. I am not a seasoned runner, as I stated, so I am going off what has worked for me.

Asphalt/sidewalks to me seem to very hard on my knees, especially when going for a distance more than a mile. That being said, I avoid sidewalks like the plague. In Lakeland, one of my favorite spots is Lake Hollingsworth, an almost 3-mile stretch, and 80% or more is pavement. When I jog there, and I come to the sidewalks, I pay attention to my stride bracing for each impact. I have found that short stents of pavement aren’t too bad, but as stated before, if I can avoid them, I do!

Grass or sand are other options when it comes to jogging/running, and I try to avoid them as well. As an amateur, I don’t feel confident in things I can not see. We all know we can trip on almost anything, but grass and sand conditions are hard to see at times. After a month or two may grass, or sand might be a good option for you. The different terrain is excellent for your ligaments and joints since it is ever-changing; just be warned tripping hazards may increase, so be cautious.

My simple take of conditions run where you feel comfortable, safe, and at peace; it’s your time enjoy it!


We’ve covered the basics, let’s cover some ways to enjoy your exercise. Do yourself a big favor and change up your environment on occasion. Run-on, the beach, try a new path or new location. There are so many great ways to get away from the neighborhood or off of that treadmill. Changing your environment regularly is a great way to keep things fresh! Get out explore, and you may eventually find your go-to place to relax and enjoy your new workout routine.


So my conclusion is this, if you’re going to start running, take it slow. Find a good reliable pair of shoes and a fun environment to run in. Take each run as a chance to improve by slowly pushing yourself each time. Enjoy all that you do, and most of all, learn to relax in whatever environment you choose!!

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