So with the special events popping up around the corner your probably wondering what can I get for my friends, family or spouse?

What about a break?  What about allowing someone that does so much to simply take time out of their busy day for themselves?  As you’ve guessed I’m talking about a massage, an hour to an hour and half of break from it all, who couldn’t use that?

Why would they want a massage??

How about to relax, in the massage room it is a no cell phone zone meaning the outside world will have to wait.  What about just some time for yourself, when is the last time you took time for yourself?  It’s great for pain relief or sore muscles from the weekend warrior or professional athlete.

Well, I’m not sure if they will have the time…

No problem, massage gift certificates with me NEVER expire (as long as I’m around, they are getting their massage!!)  Hours vary so whether its early morning or an evening appointment they need, someone is always available!!

Can I get a discount if I buy more than one??

Massage gift certificates can be purchased with discounts just like package pricing, so the more you buy the more you save!!

With all of the reasons, you can now see why gift certificates are the perfect gift for all occasions, whether birthdays, anniversaries or even the holidays!!  Give the gift of investing in oneself, give the gift of massage!!

Let me know if I can help you with that special gift, call me and lets set something up!

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