So, you’ve heard that massage is good for you but what does your therapist do to relax?  Well, I take my own advice and I get regular massages!

So how often, who do I trust?  Well, that’s a story I try to go once a month but in reality, I usually get a massage every six weeks.  Now as far as my sessions, they are with a therapist that I trust and after many different therapists, she is the best fit for me.  Why did I choose her?  After many, many different therapists, she knew exactly what my body needed.

I felt restored after our sessions, she like myself made recommends on how and what I could do to make things better.  Now I know what you’re thinking a therapist that doesn’t follow his own recommendations?  That’s not necessarily true simply a therapist like most people that needs to be reminded.  Most importantly like myself she is passionate about what she does which is exactly the type of therapist we should all seek.

Massage is beneficial in so many ways, not only for the body but for the mind and the soul.  Just like most people, therapists need down time as well, even if it’s simply an hour or so without the phone or interruptions.  A mini vacation for us, an adult timeout and staycation of sorts.

As a therapist, massage isn’t only for your body, it’s a break from the outside world and we all could use more of that.  So, take my simple advice and take the time for yourself, now I’m off for my message but I look forward to hearing from you on my voicemail ?.

Let me know how or if these tips helped you and if your looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!

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