Tipping is it necessary??  In my experience the massage/services field a tip has become a standard and with most things, a tip reflects a job well done or may be a sign that there is work to be done.

I personally, tip based off of the job, not everyone deserves 10% and sometimes they deserve more.  What you may not realize is that a person’s wages may directly be impacted by their tips.  In some industries including massage in some areas (even if rare), the pay is quite less than the price a customer may pay for these services.  Just something to take into account if you’re indulging in any service-based industry.

So when a client comes in with an issue/injury and they are looking for help in recovery, do I still need to tip?  Massage is a great tool for recovery but while most therapists appreciate tips for relaxation or general maintenance in this situation a tip would not be expected.

If you are questioning whether or not to leave a tip go with your gut if it was a job well done then TIP!!

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