If you like most people, including me at times you simply don’t hydrate enough.  Our bodies are made up of 80% water don’t you think you need to replenish it daily??  “No way I drink 4-5 cups of water a day, I’m good!!” What if I told you that you may be mistaken?

Are you a coffee drinker like myself?  Although coffee and soft drinks contain water, they also contain ingredients which are dehydrating so don’t be fooled you need to drink water!  My rule of thumb is for every cup of coffee or soft drink, simply drink a bottle of water in between with a bare minimum of 6-8 cups of water a day.

Now in the summer heat and with more activity you should definitely consider and in my humble opinion increasing your water intake to a minimum of 10-12 cups of water.


Now how do I know if I am dehydrated?  Here are some signs to look for:

  • headache
  • dry skin
  • passing less urine than normal
  • urine should be clear if you are hydrated
  • tiredness
  • dizziness
  • cramping in the arms and legs

If you experience any of these symptoms get out of the sun, in the shade and hydrate.  Even better go indoors in the air conditioning and away from the heat.  Dehydration is serious and in some case can lead to major health issues including death so why take the chance.

“Thanks for the info but I drink 8-10 cups a day and I know I’m hydrated, I’ll see you tonight at dinner.”  Well before you know it you’re having a good time and maybe a few adult drinks, bingo you guessed it you’re dehydrated.  Why do you think you feel so miserable the next morning if you’ve overindulged?

Well my friend if you’re like most you want to avoid such things and one great way is to simply drink 1 cup of water per each adult beverage, trust me you’ll thank me for it.  Yes, beer and most adult drinks are made of water but let’s remember they also include dehydrating properties and with all things moderation is key.

So what have we learned?  We’ve learned that water is an important part of our daily lives and that our body depends on it.  We know or now know that we need 6-8 cups a day at minimum to keep our bodies hydrated properly.  Also with the change in hotter weather and/or increased activity, it is even more important to stay hydrated and you may need to increase your water consumption.

By drinking at least 6-8 cups of water each day, we are ensuring that our body stays hydrated so that it can perform at its best each and every day.  Now grab that bottled water and go crush the day!

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