Today I’m going to share my top 5 ways to relax by giving you an example of what I do to decompress. Why do we need to do this? In essence, we need to take the time for ourselves which is this busy world can sometimes seem impossible but I have good news it can!!

Number 5: Go for a walk!! Whether a walk around your neighborhood or in a park, get outside!! Fresh air is great for the body and everyone needs to step outside escape the everyday hustle!!

Number 4: Adding to any activity I personally love to listen to music. Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer. I’m sure you have a favorite and with so many streaming services I’m sure you can find one that perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to select something random, you might just be surprised!

Naps are the best!!

Number 3: Take a Nap!! Yes, you read that correctly, whether you simply close your eyes for a few minutes in your comfy chair or you lay down, take a break!! Does it need to be long, no it can be a power nap. Set your alarm for 30 min and turn your phone ringer OFF!! You deserve a break every now and then and your absence for 30 or longer won’t be the end of the world.

Number 2: Take a bath. This is one of my personal favorites. I usually add music and turn off my phone for my 20-30 minute bath and I find this perfect after a long day. Don’t have a tub that’s okay, find a hot tub or soak your feet in a warm bucket, the point is to make time for yourself!

Number 1: My personal favorite is taking the day off!! What do I mean? I mean take the day off, put your phone down, if the boss texts leave it for later when you’re off your off! Whether you take a few hours or a full day take the time for yourself! If that includes your loved ones or friends that’s great. If it doesn’t that’s okay too, remember it’s about you sometimes!!

Now, what can we learn from these tips? It’s simple, you are important, whether you use one or all in a day is great. The point is you need to invest in your body and your health as much as you do others! You are important and you deserve the opportunity to relax as much as anyone!!

If your interested in discussing more ways to relax or to schedule some personal time with me, give me a call!!

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