“Hello, it’s James I need to reschedule your appointment due to personal illness”.  This is the last phone call or text you want to get on the day of your massage but it does happen.

It is only a matter of time before sickness affects us all, yes even me.  I recently woke up feeling completely lousy and like most of us I hate being sick.  Worse than that I have to rearrange not only my day but others as well.

We’ve talked about what can happen if you do get a massage when you are feeling ill and without my knowing, I had been ill and received a massage the day before.  What did this do?  Well, it made me feel horrible and this is exactly why massage is not recommended.  The improved circulation actually helped the illness progress more quickly through my body again making my day miserable.  What could I do?

Just as we have discussed before if your sick then you need to postpone your massage and if your therapist is sick he/she should do the same.

Let’s recap why you should wait:

  • How about getting germs passed along to you or passing them along?
  • How about getting sick yourself?
  • Who wants a client/therapist that is coughing or has to excuse themselves during a massage?
  • What about the quality of the massage from an ill therapist?

These are multiple obvious reasons for allowing your therapist the day off and it lets them know that you care about their health too.  We are all human and we will all get sick at some time so the understanding that when illness does strike the best solution is a day or two off and rest.

Thanks for understanding from your local massage therapist!

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