They Should Listen

If you have questions, ask them!!  If the therapist is going over a tender area, let them know about it don’t just lay there and take it, that doesn’t help anyone.  If you need more pressure let them know.

As practitioners, it is our job to listen to your needs and as a client, you shouldn’t be afraid to voice any concerns.  If your therapist doesn’t listen to you or your massage doesn’t turn out the way you were expecting, let them know!  If you are still not satisfied and do not feel that you are getting all you need from one therapist then don’t give up on massage, try someone else.

They should Respect you

If something makes you as the client uncomfortable, please let them know!  Whether it is just a sensitive area or if you’re not wanting certain parts of your body massaged, inform the therapist right away.  To the therapist, a body type really does not matter other than which technique may be used during a massage.  Therapists should respect your requests if you are still uncomfortable.  Privacy while undressing is a must, if there is no privacy, I suggest you look somewhere else.  If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t right.  Give your therapist a chance and if your therapist can not rectify the situation then end the session.  It is your right and they should respect your wishes and if not get out of there as quickly as possible (and NO I would not feel obligated to pay if I feel I had been violated in any way).

They should Inform you

Is it your first massage? Is it your first massage with this practitioner?  If it is your first massage, your therapist should explain exactly what is going to happen.  Including, how much clothing you need to remove; if any, where on your body he or she will be massaging.  Most therapists should question if the pressure during the massage is right for you.  Finally the therapist should also mention to you during your massage if he or she comes across any questionable marks.  Whether lacerations or extreme tissue changes, (ie: bruises, scrapes, new abrasions) that keep you and the therapist on the same page.

They should Educate you

It is also the therapists’ job to educate you on simple stretching techniques in order to keep those problem areas loose and pain-free until your next visit.  Remember a healthy muscle is a happy muscle, don’t be afraid to ask if there is more you as a client can do to improve the massage benefits.  Having pain and not sure how to handle at home?  Therapists are equipped to answer those questions and teach you techniques that can improve your recovery time.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, most therapists love the opportunity to help!

They should Promote

He or she should promote a healthy active lifestyle, activity keeps the body including those sore muscles happy and will benefit you in the long run.  Drink, drink, drink… Not party, although an occasional drink is fine, I mean H2O, since it does makeup over 60% of the average body.

Water helps to cleanse all the major systems in the body including your skin which is one of the most important organs.  Keep that skin healthy and hydrated and you will find that it will not only look better, but those bumps and bruises will heal even faster!!

These are just a few of the things you should expect from your practitioner and if you’re not receiving all that you need it is your right to voice those concerns.  If your practitioner is given the opportunity to rectify the situation and all is well Great.  If things don’t change don’t feel like you need to stick around.  It’s your money and there are many great Therapists just waiting for the chance to earn your business.

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