As summer approaches, water is necessary for hydration. Drinking more water is vital to your body in more ways than you think.

If you are a recreational athlete or professional you know how vital water is to your everyday routine. How about the average person though, do they really need as much water as suggested? The short answer is yes. Everyone should drink at least 4 to 6 cups of 8 oz or more a day to maintain a healthy body. That being said people who work outside or are extremely physical should drink more. And remember just because its cooler during the fall and winter months it doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need it.

If you sit behind a desk all day and don’t sweat you may feel as though you don’t need it. In reality, that cup of coffee or more actually dehydrates you and you should drink at least as the minimal every day. Whether behind a desk, on the field or on the road water is a necessity.

There are other factors to consider with hydration. If you have ever felt woozy or suffered from headaches and you have eaten, dehydration may be the cause. Think about it when your dizzy what do most people do? They sit you down and get you water.

Water has many great benefits including:

  • Your skin (your largest organ) keeping it clear and smooth.
  • Circulation, did you know that blood is 90% water?
  • Great in helping with digestion and regular bowel movements.
  • It can help when dieting by drinking before meals to prevent overeating.
  • How about helping with the prevention of hangovers!

So what are some simple signs to know if your hydrated?

  • Are your feet free of cracking heels? (I feel is the #1 sign)
  • Are you urinating every hour or so?
  • Is your urine clear (it should be clear or very pale yellow, dark means your dehydrated or worse).
  • Do you feel dizzy even if you have eaten? (dehydrated??)
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I will tell you as a therapist, I tell all my clients the number one thing you can do is drink more water. This helps the body in so many ways and it is an easy thing that is easily accessible. I invested in a water cooler over 6 years ago and I can tell you it was the best investment I made. I drink more and it is a constant reminder to drink more water!

Now there are times when certain people, especially the senior age range and those with health issues should consult their physicians.

Do yourself a favor buy a water cup or cooler, help your body a little more each day by ensuring that it is hydrated. In the long run your body and this therapist will thank you for it!!

Let me know how you stay hydrated and if your looking for more check out my other blog “Trust Me, You’re Dehydrated“. Don’t forget if you’re looking for a massage call me and lets set something up!

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