So you are feeling a little down, tired, achy should I come in? If you are feeling sick, the answer is no. So now you are asking yourself, but why, won’t a massage help??

A massage while helpful during illness can do multiple things, including be harmful. So let’s look at reasons not to get a massage when you’re ill:

  • You get your therapist sick
  • You get others sick
  • You risk making yourself worse
  • You will not enjoy massage
  • You will probably walk out regretting coming in

So one of the most important things to think about when your sick is others. If your therapist were to fall ill, they would delay helping others. Remember one important thing, when you go to your therapist’s office sick, you are exposing others just by being there. Can you remember the last time someone thanked you for making them sick? Neither can I stay at home and rest.

Let’s say you do go for your massage, and you happen to get past your therapist, chances are you won’t enjoy your massage. If your coughing or if you can not get comfortable, it will just make things worse. One of the worst things that can happen is you will feel even worse. It could be a couple of hours or even the next day, so why risk it?

One of my biggest takeaways from coming in sick is walking out after the massage, regretting it. Thinking you would enjoy the massage, and it would help and guess what you don’t feel any different. I would regret spending the money on a massage without a positive outcome. So do yourself a huge favor and stay home, rest, hydrate and reschedule.

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