Today we are going to discuss more tips for the desk jockey. We will discuss things you can do to help lessen the chance of problems with the lower back and hips!

First, let’s discuss some of the reasons we have lower back and hip pain. A big concern is reduced circulation after sitting for long periods. Have you noticed swollen ankles? Sitting too long can be a contributor. Another concern is not getting up and walking around each hour.

Some other factors may include:

  • Do you have the proper chair, is it set up correctly?
  • Are your feet touching the floor, or are they hanging from your chair?
  • Are you sitting correctly in your chair?
  • Is your monitor setup optimally for all-day use?

Let’s discuss your chair:

Most people get chairs and immediately adjust them for comfort; this is a big mistake. Part of the reason most people have back issues is that they are sitting wrong. With all-new things, time will be needed to adjust to a new chair. Try using it a little more each day instead of sitting in it the whole day to start. For more detailed directions to adjust your chair, follow the link under the picture for the best back health.

Now that we have your chair adjusted, let’s talk about your feet for improved circulation. As discussed before, if you have ever had swollen ankles after a long day, circulation could be a culprit. An easy way to help is to place a stool or even a small box under your feet for elevation improving circulation!

Finally, let’s discuss your workstation:

Workstations with desktops typically are easier to manipulate, since you can adjust the monitor and keyboard more easily than a laptop. Some simple ways to adjust are to make sure you are looking directly at your monitor. Also, make sure your display is in front of you instead of to the side. If you have an older monitor that does not adjust up or down, try a book underneath until it at eye level. The keyboard and mouse should be adjusted so that the arms stay at 90 degrees, and a hand rest added for additional comfort.

If you have a laptop, you may want to consider a monitor or laptop dock. Having a dock reduces stress on your neck. When a laptop is on a desk, you look down on it, not directly at it. That is another key reason laptops in laps cause neck issues down the road, a discussion for later. Docks allow you to have a monitor where it needs to be and keyboard and mouse options. These options allow for better overall posture; your shoulders won’t be so far in front of your body as a laptop typically does.


So there you have it a few tips for the desk jockey. Remember while your adjusting to your new setup, drink water, and lots of it, urinating gets you moving! Don’t forget a great way to improve circulation is to get up every hour!! If you looking for more tips check out: Stretching for the Desk Jockey

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